How many tablets does it take to restore natural blood sugar levels?2018-04-26T16:46:34-04:00

There isn’t a clear-cut answer, so discuss it with your doctor. Each tablet contains a precise dosage of glucose (4 grams.) The ADA recommends that a person take approximately 15g of glucose if there is a lowering in blood sugar. If your blood sugar level is 2.8 mmol/L (50mg) or less, increase the dose to 20g. If after 15 minutes, the levels don’t balance out, repeat the process.

How long before the tablets begin working?2017-07-20T14:53:58-04:00

It usually takes a few minutes. Be sure to discuss how much you take with your doctor.

Do they contain fat, sodium, or caffeine?2017-07-20T14:53:16-04:00


Are Dex4 kosher?2017-07-20T14:34:35-04:00

No, but they do not contain animal products.

Is Dex4® gluten-free?2017-07-20T14:32:52-04:00

Yes, all FDA tests have shown Dex4® products to be gluten-free.

Why don’t I see an expiration date on the package?2017-07-20T14:31:11-04:00

Glucose is a sugar, and it has no expiration date. The tablets may harden with time, but will remain just as effective.

Where should I store my tablets?2017-07-20T14:29:34-04:00

Part of what makes Dex4® so great is convenience. You can store Dex4® in your desk, in your pocket or purse, and most anywhere else. Most medical professionals recommend that people carry some form of glucose with them in case of lowered blood sugar.

What is dextrose?2017-07-20T14:23:45-04:00

Dextrose is short for D-Glucose. It is a simple sugar and one of the most important carbohydrates. It is a source of energy for both animals and plants.