Dex4 Glucose Liquiblast – Berry Burst

Enjoy the refreshing taste of juicy berries.

Each 2 oz of Berry Burst Glucose Liquiblast contains 15 grams of fast-acting carbohydrates.

Another option to use for nightime hypoglycemia.

Great for mild and moderate episodes of hypoglycemia.



The Dex4 Berry Burst Glucose Liquiblast is a great new way to raise low blood sugar fast and boost energy!

Great for mild to moderate lows, each 2oz bottle contains 15g of fast-acting carbs (d-glucose) as recommended by the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA).

  • For exercise-induced & nighttime hypoglycemia.
  • Great for mild to moderate sugar lows.
  • Caffeine free, fat free, sodium free and gluten free.

Be Prepared:

Night time hypoglycemia can be scary for you and your loved ones. Teach them the signs to look for and be sure to keep fast-acting Dex4 Berry Burst Glucose Liquidblast on the nightstand for fast access.


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