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Grape Glucose Tablets

Savor the sweet taste of grapes! Dex4 Grape Glucose Tablets raise your low blood sugar fast and they're easy to carry with you. Available in economy size bottles of 50 count and convenient tubes of 10 count tablets. Great for mild and moderate episodes of hypoglycemia.

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Dex4 Grape Glucose tablets

Dex4 Grape Glucose tabletsEach Dex4 Grape Glucose Tablet contains 4 grams of fast-acting carbohydrates.

Dex4 Grape Glucose Tablets come in easy opening, crush-proof, travel tubes of 10 tablets, with a re-sealable snap-cap, so you can take them anywhere!

Dex4 Grape Glucose Tablets are also available in economy-size refill bottles of 50 glucose tablets.

Be prepared:

Before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle be sure to check your blood glucose reading. Keep Dex4 fast-acting glucose in your vehicles’ glove compartment for quick access. Hypoglycemia can happen anytime, anywhere!